Jennifer Lawrence as Voice-over Artist

In Earth we have everything we need to survive: air to breath, food and water to sustain life. Its incredible everything that was needed to design this life support system flying around the planet.

Jennifer Lawrence:

“Aboard the International Space Station, a crew of astronauts from around the globe capture the wonders of our world as few can. From this unique vantage point, we gain insight into the impact we have on the environment and witness what human kind can accomplish when we work together. “

“ It was an honor for me to lend my voice to such a meaningful film that will educate our audiences but also really impress them with our planet and the impressive minds at work in the international Space Station.”

By looking that the Earth form space with need to start to consider ourselves more as crew members, not passengers.

The best part of being an astronaut is looking back at our home world.  Specially at night, the cities are so bright and so vibrant and so colorful.

We have a new generation of cameras so there is footage that just wouldn’t have been possible without the digital cameras that we now have. There are nightly views of New Zealand and Great Britain that have just never been seen before.

“Imax, in cooperation with NASA invites you aboard the ISS for an incredible journey. It’s a giant universe out there. There is a lot of stars, lots of planets, but there is nowhere like Earth.”

I’ve never narrated a film before, I’ve done voice-over work but always as a character. I thought that it was really freeing, and the setting was intimate, just me and the director.

“Our milky way is just one among billions of galaxies in the universe. In every way, an ordinary galaxy. It’s a hundred thousand lightyears across”

Climate change is one of the most important conversations that we could have. We take too much without giving back and our planet is showing signs of being endangered.

  • Length: 03:36
Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence speaks about narrating documentary A Beautiful Planet